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Welcome to our church

We heartily welcome you to join our International fellowship. We meet for English language worship services every Sunday afternoons in the parish hall of St. Markus Church. Services in Chinese are held every other Saturday mornings. Be 

A ministry of Church of Norway, our congregation is made up of Christians from many denominations from all across the world. The form of our worship services reflect this variety.

If you love Jesus or want to know more about him, please come.

Church Camp Autumn 2012

For  more information

Send an email to and you will receive regular emails about our activities.

We hope to meet you in person at one of our services or activities.  In the meantime, feel free to browse our web pages.  

Our Church Blog has some updates of past events. 

Arve Hansen Haugland

How to support BIC financially 08.04.2008
Several people have asked us for information on how to give to support our congregation financially, especially since the funding we have received from outside has been reduced lately.  On the menu (top left) you can click on the words "Support BIC", and you will find information on how to give.

Mange har etterlyst informasjon om hvordan man kan gi en gave til Bergen Internasjonale Menighet, særlig nå som vi får mindre støtte utenfra.  På menyen oppe til venstre finner du informasjon på engelsk og norsk ved å klikke på lenken "Support BIC".

BIC Prayer Chain
We have started a prayer chain in BIC for urgent prayer items. So if you have any urgent prayer item that you would like more people to pray about, please contact either

These two persons will then forward the prayer items to some people who have promised to pray about it.

What happens?
Bergen International Church welcomes you!
Sunday Worship Service
June 29, at 1600

Sunday Worship Service 
July 6, at 1600

Sunday Worship Service 
July 13, at 1600

Sunday Worship Service 
July 20, at 1600

Sunday Worship Service
July 27
, at 1600

Click on the links below to find an overview of the opportunities on how to use your talent in church & Register! Each one of us can do something :)

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