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Note that the service will start at 1500hrs online, a zoom link will be made available.

Sunday 31.05.20 Sermon

Sunday 10.05.20 Sermon

Sunday 26.04.20 Sermon

Sunday 19.04.20 Sermon

Easter Sunday Service

Palm Sunday Sermon

We are a small congregation, and there are many opportunities to serve

Get an overview of the Services and plan to volunteer

EASTER gathering, Potluck dinners, Church BBQ, Concerts, Annual church camp, May 17th Potluck Lunch

among others.

The gifts to the church are invaluable and are transparently used, with great accountability

Your support is highly appreciated. Support us: 3624.63.29561

Vipps: 5533325

Our services are usually held on Sundays at 1600hrs

Online Sunday Service 20.09.20 starts at 1500hrs

Sunday Service 04.10.20 starts at 1500hrs

Come with a friend

We also usually have joint international services with Løvstakksiden at 1100hrs